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UPDATE 1.0.6

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UPDATE 1.0.6


  • Fixed Condor Flame Drop [5%]
  • Updated exc options for mastery items now they have it in %
  • Updated mastery set options [increased values, added %]
  • Encreased drop from elite monsters
  • RW items added to the drop
  • Reconfigured MOSS
  • BA set, not working exc jewel [enabled full set configs]
  • Sir James BA items problem, cant add exc or upgrade [fixed]
  • Remove lvl + stat requirements from skills
  • reconfigured Nix drop [ruud or 3 Items]
  • added tradable Ruud to the Ruud shop [1k, 10k, 50k]
  • updated to the latest IGCN version


  • new site
  • new GR and Reset system

For applying full changes server will be restarted 14.09.2020 at 22:00 GTM +3

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