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UPDATE 1.0.4

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UPDATE 1.0.4


  • Added spots to the DC
  • Removed drop from BC and DC
  • Added steel of heaven to the elite monsters drop
  • Add reset reward = 250 Ruud [ruud box each 2 resets, gremory case]
  • Fix market area on the site [pagiantion]
  • Increased Condor Flame drop
  • Added FAQ to the site
  • Fixed anti-hack system disconnect problems
  • Change class added to the site
  • Reconfigured Castle spots
  • Reconfigured Castle Drops
  • Reconfigured Elite Mobs Droplist
  • Allow closing luncher after game star [hotkeys will not work]
  • Save resets after GR, decrease only needed [ie was 500 -> will be 300 after GR]
  • Fix referral module on the site
  • Fixed Cash Shop Styles on the site
  • Fixed Market Styles on the site


  • the issue with stats after GR
  • GR rewards [50k ruud]
  • fix Russian translation on the site
  • new  MOSS combination and rewards
  • bosses and elite monster droplist and FAQs
  • New Set exc options [should be in %]

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